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Player Development Programme

As footballers, like other professionals, the vision we have is often limited to our expertise. To make informed decisions about the future, it’s crucial to have a 360 degree view of the industry.

• What are the real challenges the club managers, coaches, sport directors and club executives and business developers face?

• How is the transition from player to professional in football industry?

• What are the key principles to understand the football industry and club management?

• What kind of job opportunities can I have in football industry when finishing sport career?

These are some of the questions that many active footballers ask themselves when faced with the uncertainty of how to continue their professional career after their sporting career.

Regardless of the role within professional football, having a holistic view of the industry, including its key stakeholders, regulations, organisations and clubs, and the associated challenges, is essential for becoming a highly qualified professional in the field.

Based on the realities of the industry and the challenges of club management, the PFA Business School’s Player Development Program has been designed with a practical approach.

Lecturer: Philippe Senderos

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Course Objectives and Target Audience


  • Get a holistic view of football industry and club management.
  • Explore all pathways after sport career.
  • From player to: Broadcaster, Coach, Sport Director, Player agent, Club Marketing, Scouting, Club Executive, Operation Manager, Sport Event Manager, Football Analyst, etc.

Target Audience

  • Current players. 

Course Content

Module 1 - Understand the Football Industry and Business


  • Overview of the football industry and business
  • Overview of football institutions, their mission and regulations

  • Media management in football industry
  • Football broadcasting
  • New era for scouting and how data analytics is affecting every area in sport
  • From player to agent
  • From player to entrepreneur 
Module 2 - Get a Holistic View of Football Club Management


  • Club management overview
  • From player to football sport director
  • Leadership from player to coach
  • Football club business development management: Sponsoring and commercial development
  • Finance management in football
  • Scouting and recruiting management
  • Medical, physiotherapy and rehab management in football
  • Football Psychology Department Management
  • EDI management in football
Module 3 - Develop Key Professional Skills


  • The day after - from player to professional
  • Emotional management
  • What kind of professionals are the football clubs looking for
Module 4 - Acquiring Key Knowledge


  • Private finance and wealth management
  • Keys of personal taxation in sport and image rights management
  • Social media management and personal branding

Course Delivery

Course Length

Course Length

The length of the course is five months.                               



This course is delivered in English.                                     

Date of Course


• Two cohorts per year, first starting in January/February and second in August, running for five months

• One virtual session every two weeks, each lasting two hours



Online - PFA Business School Virtual Campus.



Students will receive a Certificate in the Player Development Programme.    

Fees and Grants

Fees and Grants

The programme admission fee is £2,500. Current and former PFA members can apply for a 20% discount and a grant of £2,000.

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