maheta molango

Maheta Molango

As Co-Director of the programme, and as the CEO of the players’ union, I am pleased to present the Postgraduate Diploma in Global Football Business Management delivered by the PFA Business School.

The course has been specifically designed to meet the demand for high quality training in the football industry for active and former players who want to develop their career in any football business management.

The programme’s development followed an in-depth analysis of the need, and the market demand, for an entirely unique course focusing on modern football industry issues.

As the Chief Executive of the PFA, I spend a lot of my time pushing the need for players to be involved in football administration decisions, and to have a ‘seat at the table’. One effective approach to achieving this goal is through programmes like this. By providing players with the necessary tools, we can help them progress beyond their career on the pitch, to a position where they can take up influential positions within the game, contributing to the key decisions with a ‘player view’ firmly in mind.

I always make the point that a career in professional football allows the natural development of a unique set of skills, all of which are transferable and sought after. Resilience, teamwork, leadership, determination are all essential in the day-to-day management of any sports-related institution.

I am delighted that we will hear from some of the most prominent football club executives and professionals from around the world, all of whom will be able to share their insights and their journeys.

This course will develop the skills of those who are already in the game so that they can go on to be among its next generation of leaders.

Maheta Molango, Co-Director of the Programme

CEO of the PFA, Former Player, Former Chief Executive at Real Mallorca FC