PFA Business School

David Dein

I am delighted to co-present with Maheta Molango the Postgraduate Diploma in Global Football Business Management.

It is designed to meet the demand for high-quality training in the football industry for active and former players who wish to develop their career in football business management.

The idea for the programme arose from the demand for quality personnel following an in-depth analysis of the industry.

This programme will focus on the key elements of football: teamwork, competitiveness, spirit of sacrifice and so much more that is essential in the success for any management team.

Involved in the programme will be some of the most prominent football club executives and professionals from around the world who will lend their expertise to participants. I am confident that this programme will help active and former players towards a new and exciting career in the beautiful game.

David Dein, Co-Director of the Programme

Former co-owner and vice-chairman of Arsenal Football Club, and former vice-chairman of the Football Association