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Tim Harkness

Hello and welcome to the Programme Certificate in Football Psychology, Emotional Intelligence & Leadership course, presented by the PFA Business School.

I am Tim Harkness, and I'll be your guide throughout this incredible journey. With over two decades of experience as a consultant, sport scientist, psychologist, and author, I've had the privilege of working with top-tier professional sports teams and athletes, including Chelsea Football Club, AmaZulu, the Sharks, and the Dolphins, as well as Olympic medallists like Abhinav Bindra.

Throughout my career, I've dedicated myself to understanding the psychological aspects of sports performance and the importance of emotional intelligence and leadership within the football industry. Now, I'm eager to share my insights and experiences with you, as you embark on your own journey in coaching and leadership roles within football.

In this course, I will help you explore the psychological scene for players, understand the variables affecting performance, and learn how to effectively use emotional intelligence to foster strong relationships, communication, and resilience. We will also cover motivational strategies, values, team culture building, and conflict resolution, all essential elements for a successful team.

Together, we will examine the psychological approach to matches and seasons, discussing key strategies and techniques to prepare your team for various scenarios, maintain mental health, and handle the pressures of promotion and relegation. Lastly, we will dive into leadership development, where you will learn the importance of effective communication, negotiation, influence, and other core leadership principles.

As a result of completing this course, you will gain a deep understanding of football psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership, enabling you to effectively support and guide your team. Drawing on my professional experience and the knowledge you will gain in this course, you will be well-equipped to make a successful transition from the pitch to the dugout and positively impact the lives of players and the success of your team.

Join me in this Programme Certificate course, as we explore the world of football psychology, emotional intelligence, and leadership, and unlock your potential to become a future leader in the football industry.

Tim Harkness, Co-Director of the Programme

Head of Sports Science and Psychology at Chelsea FC