Simone Pound

Simone Pound

EDI needs to be central to all pillars of good governance not in order to do the right thing but as a core strategic business decision that will provide better and wider-reaching outputs and outcomes for any industry.

Sport is in a unique position to inspire and address change and the football industry has been led by the players to ensure we are a gold standard product of diversity and inclusion.

The PFA has been at the heart of anti-discrimination initiatives, campaigning and educational strategies to address inequality and discrimination. I am excited to share the knowledge and experience that I have over twenty years of lived experience across the football industry and put to best use across sport.

As current and former players, you have worked in a diverse team and understand the importance of unity and cohesion to get the best results.

You may have been aware of representation on the field not being matched off it whether that is the coaching staff, management team, club executive staff or media teams. To develop your career from playing to administration and beyond, a qualification in EDI will enable you to lead in your chosen field whether that is an executive or coaching pathway.

This course will ensure wider knowledge of frameworks and standards that can become a core part of any business plan or strategy. I look forward to being part of your journey!

Simone Pound, Co-Director of the Programme

Head of the EDI at the PFA