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EDI Directorship in Sport Organisations

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) are key components not just in football but across society. Football has always played a part in highlighting inequalities and addressing discriminatory injustices.

Global sports, and football in particular, experiencing growth in all areas from business development, operational management, digital transformation, as well as on-field management. Central to this successful expansion, we have seen the importance of foreign investors, a diverse group of players, supporters, and audience, all of whom have raised awareness and highlighted the need for an exclusive EDI programme that creates an in-depth knowledge for practitioners of the game.

The Directorship will develop and enhance each candidate’s understanding of existing best practice, current UK legislation, understanding of leadership skills, and people management to encourage an industry-standard excellence that is embedded across any sporting environment. The EDI Directorship in Sports Organisation will ensure a high calibre of experts with the necessary knowledge and understanding to implement effective and sustainable programmes within their organisations.

Course Co-Directors: Hope Powell CBE and Simone Pound

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Course Objectives and Target Audience


  • To understand the Equality Act 2010 and protected characteristics and their relevance to football and the wider sports industry.

  • To gain a clear understanding of discrimination, its impact, and how to alleviate it in the workplace.

  • Create best practices to embed EDI policies across an organisation to ensure a far-reaching effect in the game and the industry.

    Target Audience

    • Current and former PFA Members.

    • Professionals from football clubs and sports organisations who are involved in EDI and player care management.

    • Sports and business management professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the area of EDI.

      Course Content

      Module 1.1 - EDI Regulation and its Application to Sport Clubs and Institutions

      Regulatory framework for EDI

      1. Equality Act 2010 and its application to sport organisations

      • Who is protected from discrimination

      • Types of discrimination under the law

      • What action can anyone take have been unfairly discriminated

      2. Code of Sport Clubs Governance

      3. The FA and UEFA

      4. The FA Football Leadership Diversity Code

      5. Premier League EDI Standards

      6. Clubs capability code of conduct

      7. Other sports specific EDI regulations / codes

      Module 1.2 - EDI in Sport Clubs Administration

      EDI in management process

      1. People Management:

      • Selection processes

      • Training Processes

      • Talent development: Promotion, career development and succession planning process

      2. EDI monitoring

      3. Performance management

      4. Employee package

      5. Total compensation process

      6. Internal and external communication

      7. Work Life Balance-Personal and Professional

      8. Labour Management

      • Action policies against harassment and gender violence.

      • Leaving and disengagement process

      9. Leaving and disengagement process

      10. Culture, values, code of conduct of the company

      11. Equality scorecard and KPIs: Reporting of equality practices

      12. Customer attendance: ticketing, accommodation, etc.

      Mobile 2.1 - EDI in Sport Management and On-Field Protocols

      EDI in football and sports management 

      • Coaching

      • Management

      • Players and athletes

      • Club staff - multidisciplinary team (MDT)

      • Trends in leading sports organisations and clubs in managing Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

      EDI protocols on-field and in the workplace

      • Behaviours

      • Language

      • Culture

      Sport governance & sanctions

      Module 2.2 - EDI Strategies, Policies and Action plans

      EDI Audit

      1. The diagnosis of the situation

      2. Job evaluation

      3. Remuneration register and remuneration audit

      4. Salary analysis: internal equity, external competitiveness and remuneration policy

      5. Benchmark calculation by level

      6. Objectives of the equality plan

      7. Measures, timeframe, prioritisation and indicators

      8. Bullying prevention protocol

      9. The equality plan agreement

      Communication for EDI

      Online Abuse

      Processes and procedures

      Legal framework


      Course Delivery

      Course Length

      Course Length

      The length of the course is one academic year – 10 months.



      This course is taught in English.                   

      Date of Course


      From January to December

      • One virtual session every two weeks, each lasting two hours

      • Four face-to-face sessions



      This course will be taught at our PFA London venue.



      On completion of the course you will receive a POSTGRADUATE CERTIFICATE IN EDI (EQUALITY, DIVERSITY & INCLUSION) DIRECTORSHIP IN SPORT ORGANISATIONS awarded by the University of Portsmouth in collaboration with the PFA Business School.

      Fees and Grants

      Fees and Grants

      The programme admission fee is £5,900. Current and former PFA members can apply for a 15% discount and a grant of £2,000.

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